LINA TULLGREN debut LP Won out today

LINA TULLGREN – Debut LP Won out now

Lina​ ​Tullgren’s​ debut LP Won is today released by ​Captured​ ​Tracks Remote Control Records. The album has received acclaim spanning FADER, Atwood Magazine, Boston Globe and Tiny Mix Tapes. In celebration of the record’s release, Lina has revealed the intimate video for album track ‘Face​ ​Off​.’ Bandmate and video director Ty Ueda shares, “The video is based on meditations and sentiments on the topic of home.”

Won is the product of what happens when you push past the fear of what it means to think out loud. Wonenvelopes listeners with the idea of “home” and “homecoming” – whether that means a relationship, a physical space, a mentality, or emotion is up to the listener. With 2016’s Wishlist EP Lina proved an ability to craft simple, introspective and succinct songs, each one a pulsing glow leaving you both hollow and whole, alone but never lonely. It is on Lina’s debut album Won that we reap the full rewards of a newfound confidence in expression and rejection of internal hesitation. It is clear throughout that Lina’s awareness of her internal shift is folded into every corner of these songs.

Hailing from Southern Maine, the 23 year old found herself a voice with the electric guitar, uniquely flavoured and shaped from many years of fiddle lessons and classical technique. Now backed by a full band, each track manages to remain piercingly intimate, sometimes brief, and always honest, while gaining a wholly new sense of gestation both sonically and lyrically. At a certain point, growth is not just a process of replacing old selves with new, but often simply an act of expansion. Won, in many ways, continues to dig through Lina’s preoccupation with the search for home.

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Lina Tullgren

1. Asktell
2. Perfect
3. Face Off
4. Red Dawn
5. Fitchburg State
6. Slow
7. Get Lost
8. Summer Sleeper
9. Fate
10. Static Burn

Lina Tullgren – Won is out now
via Captured Tracks / Remote Control.

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