“Lyrically the song is about suddenly waking one day and realizing that your relationship isn’t what it once was! Waiting for the other person to feel it too, admit it and do something about it isn’t easy. Sometimes it would be so much easier if someone made a mistake.” — KREAM

Norwegian producers and brothers KREAM return with Swedish singer/songwriter Clara Mae for their new collaboration ‘Drowning’ – out today via Big Beat Records alongside an official lyric video – WATCH HERE!

KREAM’s forward thinking electronic production is carried away by Clara Mae’s soaring vocals in the new track; an encore to their previous explosive collaboration, the internationally streamed single, ‘Taped Up Heart’!

KREAM is a project focused on making music that you can dance to. Daniel and Markus Slettebakken began producing at a young age in Bergen Norway, each developing their own role in the process. The pair quickly found a home at Big Beat Records where they’ve been releasing numerous originals including ‘Love You More’, ‘Another Life (feat. Mark Asari)’, and hit single ‘Taped Up Heart’. ‘Taped Up Heart’has already amassed over 80 million streams on Spotify and reached #21 on Billboard’s Hot/Dance Electronic Chart. Originally discovered through their popular remixes, the duo has already garnered over 60 million plays on SoundCloud alone.

Singer/songwriter, Clara Mae was born in the early 90´s in a small town in Sweden. She started singing and learning music at a very young age, and it became immediately evident she was incredibly talented, writing and recording her own music early on. In high school she began study jazz music, which influenced her to dig deeper into the music world, leading her to explore pop. She released ‘Taped Up Heart’ with KREAM in 2016, where you hear her powerful vocals soar through the electronic beat. Today Clara Mae is working on her solo adventure – writing her own music and collaborating with various songwriters/producers.

Connect with KREAM:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify | Press Tools

Connect with Clara Mae:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify


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