Karl Blau shares new track “Poor The War Away”

KARL BLAU SHARES NEW TRACK “POOR THE WAR AWAY” Out Her Space coming Friday, November 17 on Bella Union via [PIAS]

Karl Blau has just shared “Poor The War Away”, another highlight from his upcoming album Out Her Space, released Friday, November 17 on Bella Union via [PIAS].


Of the track, Blau says: “This song is about pointing out Captain Obvious. War is a game for the wealthy and the uneducated, yet it involves the entire world. So many things to pay attention to right now, and we are far from starving this beast of fabricated hate, and though I may preach to the choir mostly here – let’s keep a positive mantra on our minds that we can create the means to change. We can change our minds and reframe our reality. And, yes, you can dance The Macarena to ‘Poor the War Away’.

Out Her Space features all Blau’s own material, production and multi-instrumental skills, and forges a gorgeous, languid and hook-infested gumbo of soul, funk, some jazzy blowing and Afro-pop, to arrive somewhere else entirely. Blau previously shared the first track from the LP, entitled “Slow Children”, which you can listen to here.

Karl Blau
Out Her Space

1. Slow Children
2. Poor The War Away
3. Beckon
4. Valley Of Sadness
5. Blue As My Name
6. I’ve Got The Sounds (Like You’ve Got The Blues)
7. Where Ya Goin’ Papa
8. Dub The War Away

Out Her Space by Karl Blau is out Friday, November 17
on Bella Union via [PIAS]
Get it here: 


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