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JAYE BARTELL Announces new album In A Time Of Trouble A Wild Exultation Shares first single ‘The Wilderness’

Jaye Bartell has announced his new album, In a Time of Trouble a Wild Exultation is out October 20via Sinderlyn / Remote Control. Today Bartell has offered up first single, ‘The Wilderness.’

Of the single, Bartell stated – “‘The Wilderness’ of the title describes the opposite of stability or control, in the sense of a family and a household. I know the saying goes that all happy families are alike, and all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way, but I imagine every family is unhappy, so it’s all the same. 

But still we try, and I definitely do. But really the story is not as firm or conclusive as indoors or outdoors, as together or alone, as composure or disorder, as shelter or exposure, if only because these contrary elements intermingle and braid together. The process of love and a relationship disrupts the lives of both people to make that further other place of relation, which is calm when it is and not when it’s not. So it’s an ongoing interaction of distress and harmony.

The best way to dance to this song is with one hand on your stomach and one hand in the air, like Calypso.”

After a U.S. tour with Kevin Morby in 2016 and a solo tour in Italy in 2017, Bartell returned to his former home of Asheville, NC for a three-week recording session in April. Many friends from recordings past were either in town or passing through – musician Angel Olsen; his longtime and ongoing collaborator, guitar artist Shane Parish (Ahleuchatistas); multi-instrumentalist Michael Libramento; songwriter, singer, J Seger and Emily Easterly, who played on 2015’s Loyalty; percussion marvel Ryan Oslance(Ahleuchatistas); and singer Noel Thrasher. All were brought together by producer and engineer Adam McDaniel at his Drop of Sun Studios in West Asheville, where he and Bartell worked to capture the mostly live performances, experimenting with recording techniques and improvised instruments like an open window with chimes and springtime birds.

In a Time of Trouble a Wild Exultation finds Bartell working with expanded instrumentation and more sonic color. Here his vocals have been honed, hardened, and thoughtfully tempered. There is sureness in his delivery, a paradoxical feeling that nothing is urgent despite the grave urgency of a song’s subject matter.  Bartell‘s third album for Sinderlyn is a record in the full meaning of the word – of sounds, of friendships new and old, of songs that compel repeated listens and that deepen and grow richer each time. Stay with these songs, and they will stay with you.

Jaye Bartell – ‘The Wilderness’
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In A Time Of Trouble A Wild Exultation
1.  In a Time of Trouble
2.  CawCawCaw
3.  Give Erin a Compliment (So Kind)
4.  The Wilderness
5.  Swim Colleen
6.  Army of One
7.  Mercy
8.  Ferry Boat
9.  Out of Doors
10.  Feeling Better Pilgrim
11.  If I Am Only For Myself Then What Am I

Jaye Bartell –
In A Time Of Trouble A Wild Exultation is out
Friday 20 October via Sinderlyn / Remote Control.


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