Introducing Makeness; Listen to “Loud Patterns” now


Listen to “Loud Patterns” now

Up and coming Scottish producer Kyle Molleson, aka Makeness, is one of UK’s most versatile breakthrough acts of recent years.

From making his debut with the expansive electronica of four track EP Rogue in 2015 — a record that saw him compared to the likes of Jon Hopkins — to 2016’s collaboration with Tri-Angle’s experimental pop band Adult Jazz, and the post-punk flecked disco of “Other Life“, Makeness has always been keen to explore new landscapes. His bold new release, “Loud Patterns“, is a testament to this exploratory spirit and with it, his continued musical evolution. “Loud Patterns” is out now on Secretly Canadian via Inertia Music.


“Loud Patterns” arrives off the back of his recent tour with noise band Holy Fuck, sharing the stage with DJs Midland and Avalon Emerson, where he performed live, and the release of this summer’s club-orientated Temple Works EP.

“Loud Patterns” is framed by thundering, low-end frequencies that capture a raw, frenetic energy. It offsets this abrasive shell with intricate synthetic soundscapes and vocal melodies, themes that introduce the forthcoming record.

“Loud Patters” by Makeness is out now on Secretly Canadian via Inertia Music
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