Get transported to a new spatial reality in METZ’s official video for “Cellophane”

GET TRANPORTED TO A NEW SPATIAL REALITY IN METZ’S OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR “CELLOPHANE” Watch it here New album Strange Peace out now on Sub Pop via Inertia Music

They shift away from all-out abrasion, adding colour to their eruptions.

METZ will melt your goddamn face off with their new LP…
One the the best bands in the world.

The Brag

[METZ] haven’t changed, the world around them has… Strange Peace
is cathartic rather than hopeless — an exorcism of nervous energy
at a time when it’s direly needed.


[METZ] have an uncanny knack for capturing lightning in a bottle.
Under The Radar

METZ have delivered a new video for their debut single “Cellophane”. As described by director Shayne Ehman, the visual depicts a sphere where “consciousness is split, and a world of contrast unfolds. The resulting disembodiment disperses one’s spatial awareness and new kinds of empathy develop. Two become three, and it’s only half the story.”

As previously shared, NPR Music is streaming METZ’s Strange Peace in its entirety via “First Listen” last week. NPR Music’s Jason Heller says of Strange Peace, “Recorded with Shellac‘s mastermind Steve Albini, ‘Strange Peace’ is an album that doesn’t need to be explicitly political to make a statement about our current chaotic climate. The opening track, “Mess of Wires“, gallops out of the gate like a malfunctioning industrial robot, a tangle of mechanical riffs and Edkins’ oddly infectious chants. The band’s ability to inject melody into the weirdest of places is most striking on “Cellophane”. Slightly more laidback than the usual METZ song, it’s closer to a garage-rock anthem than a skin-peeling punk rager, and Edkins’ refrain of ‘How will I know? / How will I know?’ is designed to lodge itself in the brain of the listener like some insidious implant….cathartic rather than hopeless — an exorcism of nervous energy at a time when it’s direly needed.

Strange Peace

1. Mess of Wires
2. Drained Lake
3. Cellophane
4. Caterpillar
5. Lost in the Blank City
6. Mr. Plague
7. Sink
8. Common Trash
9. Escalator Teeth
10. Dig a Hole
11. Raw Materials

Strange Peace by METZ is out now on Sub Pop via Inertia Music
Pre-order now:

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