Ebbot Lundberg and his outrageous backing band The Indigo Children release the video for ‘Royals’, an intriguing cover of the critically acclaimed Lorde classic.

The single, out now via Akashic Records / Cosmos Music, takes the original version and puts a unique twist on it. Described by Ebbot as “my national anthem for the people enslaved by the Annunaki descendants of this planet.”

Lundberg made a name for himself as the charismatic leader of not one but two of Scandinavia’s most important and influential acts. First, as the energetic frontman of subversive underground rock ‘n’ roll band Union Carbide Productions (1986-1993). Then, with pop / rock / psychedelic act The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (1994-2012).

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives won several Grammy awards in Sweden and 3rd album ‘Behind The Music’ was nominated at the American Grammys for Best Rock / Indie Album, which led to several huge TV-show appearances including David Letterman, Jools Holland, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien.

Following The Soundtrack Of Our Lives split in late 2012 (after seven albums and endless world tours) Ebbot released the trippy instrumental album ‘There’s Only One Of Us Here’ in 2012, followed by an even more spaced out record ‘The New Alchemy’ (a collaboration with fellow Swedish artists Clay Ketter, Per Svensson and saxophonist Mats Gustavsson) in 2013. Last year he released the epic album ‘For The Ages To Come’ with his new band The Indigo Children.

More recently he’s been involved in several songs on legendary alt-rock producer and Garbage Drummer Butch Vig’s new album project 5 Billion In Diamonds, where he provided lead vocals on the first single, ‘Gravity Rules’ among other new tracks.

‘Royals’ marks a new chapter in Ebbot Lundberg’s solo career. With an album due in the autumn, and solo dates on the horizon, he continues to explore new paths, always drawing inspiration from the timeless musical roots he nurtured so well with his previous bands over the past three decades.

Watch the psychedelic video for ‘Royals’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf1E0_sDDxA

And B-side ‘Calling From Heaven’: https://youtu.be/n7c8BUNPiRU


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