What is your name?

My name is Top (DOTT).

Where are you currently based?

I based in Bangkok, Thailand.

At the moment your a resident at Glow and have a monthly night at Beam which is Unst and Mela (group of Thai collectives) What are these nights like? 

This is a monthly night for us Unst (Sarayu, DOTT, Elaheh) and Mela (Kova O’ Sarin, Krit Morton and Jirus) The night usually a very good night where people are not really packed and tight, but more cozy with not too little crowd. We can also see a lot of Thai crowds are always come to this night as well.

How do you prepare for each show?

I just organized my music once every 4 month or so, I would do it in a very details way so that I can use it everywhere and on the fly. Like I would makes so many catagories for different occasions

Your vinyl only label together with your friend Sarayu and Mikail (Manila) has just released the “Igado” produced by duo called Tarsius from Manila. What is the name of the label?  

The label is called “More Rice” (you will always ask for More Rice when the food is good)

How did you come to work with Tarsius? 

Tarsius are a good friend of our friend Mikail from Manila, they are very quality artists so we not hesitate to choose them for our first release.

Why vinyl only?

We release something that people could actually hands on and but it because they are really appreciated.

What can we expect from the label in the future?

We will try to promote and support the Asian talents as much as we can and try to find the timeless music that people would appreciated and buy it as their collection.

You have a mini label tour to Bangkok and Manila, who will be playing? What’s the music scene like in Bangkok and Manila?

For the launch of our label we will be touring between Bangkok and Manila, the first stop will be Studio Lam in Bangkok on 15th September the line up will be Tarsius, Manuel Fischer, Mikail, Sarayu and DOTT same goes to for the Manila where we will be hosting at XXXX. The underground musics scene in Bangkok are pretty small and people tend to know everybody, I believe the scene is growing slowly every year, but you never knows whats going to happen in Bangkok considered Police, Military etc

You’ll hopefully continue with the Collect/Save Together with Sarayu, Elaheh and Koish which you focused on hosting workshops and masterclasses for music production, through this you have hosted Eric Volta and Stefano Riterri.

How did this concept come about?

This concept came from my friend Sarayu where he got the idea together with Eric Volta up for the masterclass last year and thats where it started, the concept behind it is to give a free masterclass, workshop for producers in Bangkok to gather up collect what the instructors gave and save to their memories with a hope to help everyone to improve their music productions.

How has the feedback been?

The Feedback went really well for both classes we got a full attendees and everyone was happy about both Eric Volta and Stefano Riterri as an instructors.

What can someone expect to learn from one of your music production workshops?

Every producers have their own techniques and tips and thats where people who attend the workshop will gets.

What influences your production technique?

Every tracks every genre that I listen I’ll try to breakdown and see how the track are made how can the emotion run throughout the tracks and these is how I get influences for my production.

How did you get into producing?

Me and my brother were split after we getting to the university so one day I just decide to download a DAW and then thats where it all began.

What do you like to do outside of music?

Getting fat everyday with my girlfriend, hanging out with my friends and just fooling around.

Favorite food and place to hangout?

My mom’s home cooked food and DS tower 2

When are you playing next?

on the 9th september at Glow supporting Doubting Thomas together with Elaheh

15th Studio Lam (Bangkok) with More Rice also 16th at XXXX (Manila)

21th Beam Unst & Mela

23rd playing at Deep Dark Duck event alongside Uner

29th Glow



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