Are you still based in Switzerland?

No i m based in Berlin since 5 years now

You have a studio in Berlin, how does this effect your recording process, what are the pro’s and con’s of being in and producing in Berlin?

For me Berlin is always a big inspiration I’m surrounded of people doing really nice music, this make me improving constantly so i don’t see any con’s

How did you start producing and where do you find your inspiración? 

I start to producing music when i was leaving in Chile this was end of 90’s.

I was basically a teenager on that time and start to be known in the South American music scene playing récords so i step back with the music production for some years till 2006 when the inspiration came.

What are the greatest challenges that you meet with producing?

producing music doesn’t mean any challenge for me i m just really happy with going to my studio and just put rec on my machines and start to produce is like my little world. i love it.

What are you working on right now?

Actually now i m on tour for two months with 20 gigs is enough work for now jajaja.

What is your gear setup?

Many hardwares machines a big mixer with 40 channels and home made speakers .

What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music?

Well i have a daughter of 7 years old and i love to spend time with her outside of the music i guess she is like my battery charger she really support me and this affect my music as well of course

How would you describe your music genre?

 Is hard to describe my music genre because i m in constant evolution and looking always for récords of the past to build something original but basically house and techno.

What was the best and worst live event that you have played and why?

Now i think is one of the best moment of my career because people are understanding what i m doing and make me feel it this for me is a big happyness.

I hate when the technical requirement are not respected and i can’t show 100% of myself this sadly still happen not so offen but still.

What are your plans for the future?

I have many plans for the future i just start two new labels now one of them is Utopia where i m pretend to achieve music more in to the old school US sound detroit, techno, house, breaks, electro

The other one is Melcure wich is a fusión of Melisma my first label with Cure Music which is the label of two good friends Felipe Valenzuela and Momo Trosman.

How did you get into music?

Electronic music passion came from my old  brother. Who start to listen this music on The early 90’s and of course i felt in Love immédiatly with it.








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  1. marta says:

    maravillosa entrevista, acotada y de respuestas simples y delicadas..como es dani casarano, un buen músico, linda persona..

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