What is your name?

This is Belau. A name inspired by an oceanic country, Palau. A project inspired by our adventures in the world and a journey inside the soul.

Where are you currently based?

Budapest, Hungary.

In autumn you’ll continue your Europe tour, which festivals will you playing? What do you enjoy most about your European shows and travels? What challenges do you face with each show?

We will perform at Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Waves Vienna, Moscow Music Week and on Liveurope Festival in Prague, and as well, we will also have shows in Italy, Denmark, Slovenia, Hungary and Montenegro around autumn. It will be a pretty rough season for us, although we love travelling around and showing ourselves to new people, exploring unknown places and feel vibes we have never sensed before. Touring is journey you can reach out for adventures which are only accessible with this lifestyle and what can we say? We love it.

All right, touring is a bit exhausting, but all of our shows were great so far, especially when you play in foreign countries for foreign people and you can see it in their eyes that the music means them something. That’s what we’ve always aimed for.

You have a new music video on the way, what vision do you have for the video? Who will you be working with? What are the plans for the video after its release?

We will release a brand new song and also a music video in late autumn, and hopefully we will work again with Attila Damokos (director) and Marcell Nagy (cinematography) who made our first music video for Belau’s debut, Island of Promise. I’m sure it’s going to be a blast!

Belau is a fresh Hungarian downtempo music project. Your first music video won at the Hungarian Music Video Festival, the video has received more than 400.000 views on different platforms. A huge achievement, what factors do you think contributed to this music video’s popularity?  How do you plan for a music video? 

Luckily our first music video was extremely popular, especially for a brand new project. It represented a serious quality and of course the main character, the naked girl and the single taken shoot as a genre is something that was able to make it unique and favorable for everyone. So far we worked with some upcoming talents as directors, Attila Damokos (Island of Promise) and P. Szabó Péter (You And I, Wicked). Usually we show our music in an early stage to the director who makes up a story and the mood for the track, we try to fantasize together then.

Your first LP was released around November which contains 12 downtempo tracks. The debut album won the Hungarian Grammy Awards in the best electronic music album category.  How long did this LP take to complete from start to finish? How do you approach each track when producing? How do you order each track from the first to last for an LP?

Our first LP called The Odyssey was a concept album about the Mediterranean region. We worked a lot on it, started to write songs for it one year before its release. What we want is to take our listeners to an expedition inside, a place filled with sunshine, where you can relax, unwind and find the harmony of self. The Odyssey starts you on a journey which is a gift in our world of increasing isolation. That is the message we want to represent, supported with modern and exciting sound quality.

In the last one and half year Belau has played nearly 100 concerts in 14 countries all around Europe. You’ve played at the biggest festivals in each region, with at 4 showcase festival in this year.  How do you prepare for each show? What are the greatest challenges of playing festivals? What do you enjoy most? Do the crowds differ from country to country?

We had a dozen of shows, which is sometimes a huge exercise to cope with when all of us have an ordinary life beside playing in Belau, but we try to manage our dreams as determined as we can. In each cities we try to feel the vibe of the people, try to be part of their scene in a way we can get to know what is like to live there. This is really important because we try to gather experiences, moods from everywhere we travel. In most of the cases if we have time sightseeing and walking around is always a good pre-show program, but we also prefer being at the backstage one hour before the show, to get in the ideal mood, to prepare ourselves for the gig. We played on several festivals so far, but I think we might prefer clubshows over festivals, because of the intimacy, which is necessary for Belau. Probably catching the vibration of each city’s vibe is something that influences the outcome of the show, but finally after this 100 shows now we succeed in nearly every cases, which is an awesome feeling night after night.

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